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Who are we and why choose us?

  • EquitiesTracker Holdings Berhad (ETH) is listed on Bursa Malaysia
  • ETH's unit (ET SmartWealth Sdn Bhd) is a licensed fund manager
  • We’re a community of investors that emphasises on data to make informed investment decisions
  • We help investors grow their wealth since 1976

Investors & Trainers

Get to know the team and learn from industry leaders.


Alvin Vong

  • Investment education trainer to retail and professionals since 2007
  • Co-creator of EquitiesTracker training programs
  • Speaker at local and international conferences
  • SGX Academy trainer
  • Trainer for SIDC CPE Programs
  • Featured on The Edge Markets, BFM89.9, Bernama, Astro Awani, theStar
  • Successfully listed EquitiesTracker on Bursa Malaysia at 37

Swee Kiang

  • Value Investing Education Series Trainer
  • 10 years of project management and R&D business experience in MNC
  • Co-founder of Equities Training & Research Center
  • Currently Head of Investment Education in EquitiesTracker
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
  • Proficient in Portfolio Management Strategies, data analysis and key financial ratios
ET Family
ET Family

Benny Lee

  • Investment education trainer to retail and professionals since 2004
  • Speaker at local and international conferences
  • Co-author of Keep Investment Simple and Stupid
  • Advisor to the Malaysian Association of Technical Analysts (MATA)
  • SGX Academy trainer
  • Securities Commission of Malaysia CPE trainer
  • Ex-Columnist in Smart Investor, Borneo Post, The Busy Weekly and Global Oil and Fats
  • Appeared in Bloomberg, The Edge Markets, BFM89.9, Bernama

This workshop is DEFINITELY for you if :

  • You’re Looking For A Safe And Consistent Method Of Retirement
  • You’re Planning Ahead For Your Future
  • Looking To Get Started In Investing
  • Suffered Heavy Losses Even After Attending Other Courses/Seminars
  • Don’t Know Where To Start When It Comes To Investing
  • Struggling To Build Your Savings
  • You're tired of losing money on 'stock tips'

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The 5 Topics & Main Focus of this Workshop

5 Investment Secrets for a Better Performing Portfolio

Tips & Tricks to Avoid the "Why Most Investors Fail" Subject

Learn how you can reduce your risk of loss in a market with the right skills and techniques that we'll provide as well as understanding and having the right mindset towards investing.

ET Family
ET Family

Simple & Easy to Understand Investment Techniques

Drastically improve your investment portfolio by following simple methods and techniques taught in our workshop.

Searching for Opportunities in a Bear Market

Using our proprietary system, you can now easily identify opportunities in a market using a series of financial data and investing principles.

ET Family
ET Family

Reduce your Risk, Maximize your Profits

Stock market is risky if you do not know what you are doing. We will show you how risk can be minimized and systematically find stocks to maximize your investment portfolio.

It's Never too Early to Start Investing

Did you know that if you have invested RM100,000 and not a dime more, with 15% compounded annually, you will have a RM1 Million in 16.5 years. Time in the market is better than timing the market. Start building your retirement portfolio today!

ET Family


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